Vision on The Past and future


As my son likes to say “Uti non abuti” (to use, not abuse) is what I would like to happen to this site. Nobody can avoid an abuse at this point in time but every body will in the (near) future.

This site tries to illustrate my philosophy of life through the various things I did and still do and how these are intermingled and connected to each other. Rooted in the past, the present will be skipped (because when you will read, hear or see this it has become the past already) my vision of the near and far future will get illuminated.

As some subjects are rooted in the Netherlands or France and with the will to respect the particular flavor of the cultural differences the textual part will be in the corresponding language.


WELCOME to my vision on the past and future

This site is far from finished, so you are kindly invited to come back once in a while and discover the new parts.